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Go Paperless

Convert paper resumes to complete online records in an instant

How It Works

In a few short steps, a candidate can submit their application through their mobile phone without requiring the recruiter to spend time managing all those papers.


You and your team attend a number of hiring fairs and meet hundreds of candidates every year.

SwoopTalent will guide the candidate through your formal application by simply taking a photograph of their resume, answering any relevant questions you require to collect, and clicking Submit - all on a smartphone or tablet.

The application will go straight into your system of choice (e.g. ATS, CRM, etc.), and SwoopTalent will work on the backend to categorize, index, and link it to the candidate's online social identity to create one unified Talent Card.

You now have fully searchable data from the hiring fair all in your system so you can immediately start engaging with candidates.


It’ll go wherever you go. All it takes is a smartphone and tablet, and any interested candidate can easily take a picture of their resume and apply to any job. Swoop’s parsing technology will convert the image into text and integrate it into your ATS, CRM, or any system of your choosing.


Customizable and Configurable

Control and design the look and feel of the entire flow for your candidates. Set questions, build talent pools, and align it with your brand to create a positive candidate experience.



Your System of Record


Have all your candidates’ information in one complete Talent Card. Simply pull up the candidate’s record on your smartphone and tablet and enter details and notes directly into SwoopTalent as you talk to them. Following up has never been easier.

Download our brochure on how SwoopTalent works with the ATS, or contact us today to talk about how easily we can help you find you go paperless.

Let's Get Rid of Paper Together