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"More so than the others, Swoop takes the position that they can integrate and organize your social media dominated recruiting workflow.
Besides a broad search capability that comes close to the data aggregators work, they offer a referral program of sorts, analytics,
and a host of useful corporate tools. If the game is won on corporate usability, these guys get it." - John Sumner, HRExaminer

Faster Time-to-Insight

Because your data is so fragmented and complex, finding the right answer takes too long. Centralize your disparate data sources to enable your teams to learn quickly and act faster when it comes to analyzing data, gaining insights, and responding to competitive dynamics. From one universal access point, your team can retrieve the data they need at any time.

Facilitate Data Discovery

Regardless of where the data lives, you’ll be able to create adaptable and agile environments to make it easy for your team to find the data and transform it into business insights. Across all talent pools, saved searches, and shortlists, they'll be able to run faceted searches on specific criteria they have to find the right talent.

Reliable, Trusted Data

SwoopTalent's correlation algorithms ensure 100% confidence levels that your records are associated to the right candidate profile. Reduce costly reconciliation efforts and remove human error - as stewards of talent data, you can trust the data to be accurate and always up-to-date.

Comprehensive Talent Data

Source Talent

Easily unify data from any data source and structure. Your data can be seamlessly integrated with resume directories, candidate marketing systems, spreadsheets, lists, and even all the data on the internet.

We're partnering with the top players in the space so SwoopTalent works with the systems you use. Our customers use Taleo, SuccessFactors, Bullhorn, iCIMS, Greenhouse and many more, and all of them can have data searched using SwoopTalent's interface.

Download a brochure on how SwoopTalent can work with your ATS, or contact us today to talk about how easily we can help you integrate your systems together.

View Records Where You Want Them

Push_Profile_to_Taleo.pngHowever your team is managing talent acquisition, SwoopTalent gives you the flexibility to use the data in any way it fits your processes and needs. From any system, view a complete record of a candidate or prospect - every touch, every data point is stored in one consolidated Talent Card. You can even push records back and forth between your Talent Data Cloud and any other system. And if you can't remember where that candidate went? Simply go to your Talent Data Cloud to query across any database in your company with a single, consistent interface.

Enhanced and Indexed Data

Source Talent

SwoopTalent applies its algorithms to the aggregated and combined data sources you input into your Talent Data Cloud and optimizes the quality of your data. This gives you the flexibility to:

  • Display your data anywhere
  • Search your data with ease
  • Analyze your data visually or numerically, in your system or ours
  • Use your data however you need it
  • Keep your data fresh, clean, and available
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