SwoopTalent FAQ's

These are the things people often ask us about SwoopTalent, but if what you want to know isn't here, feel free to ask!


How many records does SwoopTalent have?

We have more than 150,000,000 million aggregated social talent profiles, and we find more every day! And Swoop doesn't just keep our millions of social profiles - we also create fresh, up to date social profiles of any records you have - imagine your ATS with all records up to date and instantly searchable? Swoop can do that, too.

How is SwoopTalent different to other Social Talent Aggregators?

Yes, there are several vendors of aggregated talent data for sourcing. Here's why we think we're the best:

  • Seriously good matching algorithms. If you're looking at Jeremy Smith in Swoop, you can be sure that every record there is the right match, and it's the right Jeremy Smith!
  • A huge database, as big as any in the industry - and not just tech talent. Swoop goes across all industries, and we're getting more and more every day
  • Powerful search choices. No matter how many combinations of and, or, not and optional you have, Swoop will support them. This gives you a laser search to focus on exactly the right match
  • Include your own data in a single search. Swoop can index any data you want into your search - spreadsheets, ATS', talent communities, folders of resumes...literally anything. You'll get fresh profiles of all of your records, but only you can see them. You can even incorporate any of your own data
  • Use our extra tools - social sourcing, job promotion and sharing, a Facebook We Are Hiring app and much, much more

Do you support Boolean search?

Of course!  Many of our clients have killer boolean skills, and they can use them directly in Swoop.  OR, they can use our powerful and flexible search tool instead.  Whichever you choose, you can opt to use our semantic dictionary, so you'll save a LOT of "OR"!   Mind you, we don't enable boolean for everyone, so when you take your demo and free trial, be sure to tell us you want to try our Boolean function!

How do you determine who gets into your database of people? Does that database grow daily?

Yes, it grows daily. The crawlers look across 30+ primary sites for new records and updates, plus we add new primary sources. The professional information from these sources is picked up using our focused indexes of these sites (ie the data collection is not random), and any links associated with those records are also followed and relevant structured and unstructured data gathered.

Am I limited your database of 160,000,000 people?

No. We can also index your entire ATS, have functionality for you to upload any leads or databases you have, and we can work with you to grow our database to the verticals you need. Some of the verticals we have recently added for clients include roles as diverse as dentists, actuaries, manufacturing engineers and life science experts!

How do I know that the right people are in your database?

In terms of the accuracy of the profile matching, we think our algorithms are industry leading - when you find "John Smith" in Swoop, you can be sure it's the right John Smith! With regards to "the right people", we have such a large database that we feel very confident our database can't be beaten. The best way to increase those chances further is to work with us to help you get the widest possible sweep - whether that is your own data (which we store privately for you), or new sites we add in collaboration with our clients.

How do you manage the people profiles after you find them?

The records get matched to our other records. Where they are matched, the aggregated record grows. Where they are new, it's a brand new record in Swoop - if that record has good data, it becomes a new record, and the crawlers then start regularly looking for updates, as they do for all existing Swoop records. Where the record is not complete enough for searching, and doesn't match to another record, then it's put in suspense, until more useful data is found. This is an interesting case when clients upload their own data - we can match that to Google+, Facebook and other profiles which don't necessarily have enough data for searching, but which may have useful contact details. Once you find their profile in Swoop, you can add them to talent pool, add notes, download profiles, attach additional data about that profile from ATS or other sources. Swoop will automatically track all the history for compliance.


What does it take to get started on SwoopTalent?

Just sign up for a demo from one of our Customer Success team, who are all highly experienced recruiters! After your demo you can instantly start searching and sourcing candidates. You can even immediately add your team and start collaborating.  All you need to do is head over to our demo booking calendar and choose the time you want to get started - it's all online, and it's super easy!

How does SwoopTalent work with other systems?

The last thing a recruiter needs is more systems to work with, so we've built Swoop to integrate to a huge range of tools and products. Swoop can either work independently of your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), CRM and other systems, or we can integrate it for you. Make the choice that suits you, and we'll do the work - we have prebuilt integrations to the major ATS', so you can get your jobs, hierarchies and candidates integrated in no time. You can even have our search results show up right inside the product you're already using

Can just one person at my company use SwoopTalent?

Yes! Many of our clients are individual power recruiters at large companies, others have whole sourcing and recruiting teams using Swoop together.

How do I get my whole team connected?

Our Team Edition lets your entire team collaborate. You'll know exactly what everyone else is doing, and there won't be any more reaching out to candidates already talking to colleagues! Talent Pools and Jobs can be shared across part or all of your team, or kept private to you. Swoop's collaboration features are flexible enough to support your team's workflow, and to make your life easier.

Can I search my own records?

Absolutely - you can privately search any records you want.  Maybe you have directories of resumes or spreadsheets of leads.  Or, you might want to include all those old records in your ATS, and use Swoop to search the CURRENT profile of those candidates.  Wherever your "black book" is, Swoop can include it in your searches.  To talk turkey about how to integrate your specific private data, just contact us or book a demo!

Privacy and Security

What's SwoopTalent's privacy policy?

Swoop collects standard customer information (name, email address, company name, credit card company, credit card number, expiration date, and credit card billing address) during the Swoop signup process and in other customer communications with us by email or phone. We understand how important this information is to you. We are committed to keeping it strictly confidential. Your privacy is not for sale. We will never sell, rent, or otherwise abuse the private information you have trusted us with. Read our complete privacy policy.

How safe is the data I put into SwoopTalent?

You can read all about our security measures here, but the short answer is that your data is safe with us. We have our security in place that ensures that your information is protected by industry leading measures and will continue to do everything we can to protect your information.

How do I remove my profile from SwoopTalent?

Swoop searches publicly available data much like any other search engine. You can opt out from search listing by sending an email to support@swooptalent.com from your email account. In the email please indicate your name, location and at least one of the job titles you've held. Remember, though, once you opt out you might be missing out on your dream job coming right to you!