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You need to know what an Aggregated Social Profile can show you!

May 17, 2013

In the 21st century world we live in our days are driven by technologically advanced computer systems and social media use. Because of that, an automatically aggregated social profile is a key way to quickly get a deep insight into a candidate - whether you sourced them, or they applied to you. If you’re a recruiter looking for qualified candidate here are three key things an aggregated social profile can show you; researching recruits from aggregated profiles can save your company both time and money in the hiring process.

1) Aggregated profiles provide a better summary of the potential recruit: The reality of aggregated profiles can work for or against potential recruits. When the candidate creates their own profile, it’s easy to hide questionable activities or missing qualifications and generally to be highly selective about what is shown - it's just like the resume, without the reference checks! But when Swoop creates it, it's comprehensive and insightful, because it's compiled by a machine, not the person trying to get hired.

2) Aggregated profiles identify the best fit for the company: Aggregated profiles take some of the guesswork out of hiring because they show insights into more than just skills - where an how people interact online (and the combinations of them) give you a lot of insight. And when you have them all on ONE page, it's even better!

3) Aggregated profiles allow you to gauge interest: Aggregated profiles will assist you in better promoting positions that are available; they’ll also help you get serious insights into how likely a candidate is to be interested BEFORE you start engaging them. AND they will give you lots of data points so you can engage more effectively.

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