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Winning the Candidate Lottery

February 18, 2016

Finding and hiring the right person for a job can feel a lot like playing the lottery – a one in a billion shot. And with all the technical, cultural and personal matches needed to ensure a great fit in an organization, the odds sure are against you. But you CAN bring the odds into your favor.

If you want to increase the odds that you’ll get the right person for your job, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Find them. With ever more sources of data and passive candidates still the best, we know that’s harder than it sounds
  • Make sure they have the right skills. Sure, that sounds easy, but with all the bragging out there on Facebook and LinkedIn, you need to make sure claims are real - independently
  • Know they will be a good fit with your company and their new team. Back channel reference checking never goes out of style!

Find the Great Candidates
Between internal databases and internet sources, it seems like every day there are more and more places to look for candidates, but it’s not getting any easier to find them! It seems like every candidate has nineteen different online profiles and checking the reality of them gets harder and harder. So, you look in all your normal online databases, and then you do a bunch of copying and pasting to try to build comprehensive candidate profiles, and often you’re still guessing about whether you’ve got the best ones. Swoop automates all that searching, matching and collating for you, so with just a job description and some keywords, you’ll get the best internet and internal candidates matched, stanked and racked – instantly. Easy!

Make Sure they Have the Right Skills
These days it seems like even CEO’s are claiming skills and qualifications they don’t have – so how do you make sure that the skills are there? Well, there are a few main ways to solve this – you can test them (well, for some things), you can independently look at how candidate’s peers rate their skills, or you can check what people who actually know them think about them. If you are looking for technical skills like software developers, there are some great forums to check peer ratings (like Stackoverflow for example) – but it’s sometimes not that easy to know what you are looking at. Thankfully, Swoop helps you check these peer forums AND helps you look for the right things. Even better, Swoop shows you who will know what the candidate is really like, because it looks across all of their social networks and finds the people who REALLY know them!

Check their “Fit”
The right skills just aren’t enough anymore. Research has shown over and over that the right personal and cultural fit is just as important for a successful hire. With access across a wide range of social networks, Swoop lets you easily find and contact back channel references.

We’re like your winning lottery ticket in sourcing (although we can’t promise you millions in cash – sorry).

Why not take a demo today and see how good we really are?

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