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Whitepaper:  "Data Matters: Better Talent Insights Through Bigger, Richer Data Sets"

January 04, 2017

Data Matters White PaperMore and more organizations are focused on proactively building talent pools of good talent.  Great talent pools are made up of current candidates and applicants, former applicants, members of talent communities, and of course people who have had little or no contact with your organization at all.  The filter for building talent pools is not where the people are today, it's how they'd be if they worked for YOU.  

Using data well to build talent pools saves you time, helps you better understand candidates, and of course empowers the best possible engagement, marketing and communications with candidates.  

There are great benefits from good talent pools, but they won't just build themselves for you (well, not entirely...).  It takes thought and a bit of work.  Isn't that always the way with the most important things????

Since this is such an important issue for our customers and the industry, we worked with Recruiter.com to bring you a whitepaper explaining the benefits, challenges and tech solutions needed for highly successful talent pools (or talent pipelines, if you prefer!).  The paper has GREAT information in it, including explaining how technology supports talent pipelining by:

  1. Unifying data from all your systems, and across the web
  2. Automatically refreshing candidate information
  3. Protecting against false positives and inaccurate profiles
  4. Tracking candidate interactions

And much more!  You can learn about benefits, tools, and how to get started building better talent pools and pipelines than ever. Download the Data Matters whitepaper whenever you want!

What do you think?  Do YOU build talent pools?  What is your main challenge?


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