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We Are Who Our Parents Warned Us About: Social Talent Profiles

August 23, 2013

"Employers can see what you do online," they said.

"Remember, everyone can use the internet," they said.

"If you put that online, someone will find it," they said.

Our parents may have been warning us against posting photos they deemed inappropriate or giving out our addresses to strangers, but they were right. If you put it online, someone will find it. Our parents never suspected that might be a good thing! Employers no longer use the internet just to check on prospective job seekers, they use it to find those job seekers in the first place.

We're here to help with that. Your perfect employee has already put herself out there on the internet. He has already proven he's the right one for the job. Now you no longer have to wait to be found: You can find that perfect candidate, first.

Our mission is one our parents may never have imagined. Using the power of networking and social talent profiles, we can become the missing link between the right employer and the ideal job candidate. Social talent profiles offer a deeper look into an employee, building beyond the level of a basic resume.

Social talent profiles can tell you who your candidate knows. Here is where the social part of social talent profiles come in. Who your candidate is connected to online can tell you a lot about their passions. Are they committed to your industry? Do they follow the big names who influence the work that you do? Are they just a few degrees from you? Before you had to rely on small talk or luck to find out this kind of information. Today it's out there on the web for us to find!

Social talent profiles pull everything RELEVANT together in one place. While it is true, all the hints are out there pointing to your future employee, that doesn't mean you want to track them across multiple platforms, webpages and social network sites. SwoopTalent pulls all of that together into our social talent profile. This is where the profile part comes in! You'll be amazed what you can tell about a person just looking at their aggregated professional information, all nicely put in one page!

If you suspect that the right job candidates for you listened to their parents and have put their talent out there on the web, why not contact us and get started on finding them?

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