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Vetting the Best Candidates With Social Sourcing

October 18, 2013

Social sourcing tools can give you a detailed picture of each candidate that goes far beyond the credentials he or she lists on a resume. Let’s face it, the resume and CV are designd to present an individual in the best possible light and have gone through numerous edits. These one-page documents don’t truly indicate how a candidate may conduct him- or herself on the job, how well he or she may handle a stressful situation, or how his or her lifestyle may impact job performance.

  • Social sourcing will reveal further information about a person you may be considering for an open position at your company, and this process will help you make better hiring decsions based on some of the following criteria:Identity. It may seem basic, but not everyone is who they say they are online. Social sourcing allows a quick check across multiple profiles to confirm those social media accounts do indeed belong to the same individual.Relationships and connections with others.

  • Checking each candidate’s references can be a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating task. You may call a listed reference only to discover the person only worked briefly with the candidate and does not remember much about him or her. Some candidates even recruit friends or family members to pose as professional references, despite your job application instructions not to do so. Running both names through social sourcing will often uncover the truth about references.

  • Certificates and other credentials. More employers are now factoring candidate specialty credentials into their hiring decisions. One person may have a good resume but lack certification that would strengthen job performance. Some other candidates may exaggerate the type of certifications they have, and social media can serve as an easy tool to check this information.

Researching this candidate information through social sourcing is not an invasion of privacy but rather a means of looking at each individual from all angles. For more details about how we can assist you with the social sourcing process,contact us today!

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