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Social Talent Profiles...Leave the Aggravating Aggregation to Us!

June 05, 2013

Let's imagine you're interested in purchasing a new underwater digital video camera for that upcoming tropical island vacation you're dreaming about.

Would you...

  • Spend days on end schlepping around to 14 camera and electronics stores all over the city, taking copious notes about models and prices?

  • Look at every camera on every manufacturer's website worldwide, printing out reams of technical specs and information to organize in spreadsheets for comparison?

  • Contact each and every person you know who might know somebody else who had ever taken an island vacation and might just happen to have a recommendation about a good underwater camera?

Of course not!

Rather than waste a ridiculous amount of valuable time and end up with such an overwhelming amount of information that it'd be impossible to wade through it all anyway, you'd wisely utilize the services of a professional aggregator to do all the research for you.

Within just a few minutes, you'd have the technology of Amazon, Overstock, CNET or other comparison websites at work for you, scouring through a vast range of sources, weeding out irrelevant information and narrowing down what remains according to your specified criteria. It would then be presented to you in an easy-to-use, functional way and you'd have quick access to reviews and recommendations, price comparisons, detailed descriptions and you might even discover some important features that you'd never have considered otherwise.

So then, when you're charged with finding and hiring the very best talent for your organization, why would you trudge around to a bunch of exhausting job fairs, wade through hundreds of mind-numbing resumes, and contact dozens of possible candidates to try to discern if what they said in their application is close enough to the truth to warrant bringing them in for a personal interview?

Of course you wouldn't! Well, not if you wisely utilize the services of SwoopTalent anyway.

You see, at Swoop we have the technology to quickly and automatically search through millions of candidates across all social data sources and instantly match, stack and rank the best leads in a beautifully simple interface. Our comprehensive social talent profiles and candidate management will enable you to easily build and manage talent pools, track interactions, analyze and compare qualifications, utilize referrals and more. You'll be able to instantly visualize where your best sources of talent are, obtain a well-rounded view of promising candidates and track them all the way to hire. And there's a lot more...including broadcasting job opportunities, an integrated Facebook app and easy ATS integration.

So if you're ready to let somebody else do the aggravating aggregating for you, contact us. Then you'll have more time to spend on more important endeavors...like deciding which island would make the most gorgeous video with that new underwater camera.

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