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Social Sourcing:  Just who ARE you looking at online?

February 23, 2014

Sourcers, recruiters and hiring managers are all looking at candidates online. Not in a creepy Facebook stalking kind of way, just checking out their professional skills, contacts and points of view. And this is a good thing - getting to know more about a potential hire's skills and interests gives you a great basis for contacting, engaging and understanding them, and for learning more about whether they'll fit in your organization.

The problem, of course, is being confident that you're looking at the right profiles. You can try email matching, but who has only one email address these days? There's also image searching, for people who use the same photograph across all networks (I don't). And then there's the good old fashioned searching, guessing and following links, then eyeballing the profiles to see if the different profiles have enough similar information to be confident that you're looking at the same person.

That's a lot of work and a lot of risk.This is a very good reason for jobseekers to carefully curate their online profiles, bringing links together and maybe even using a profile aggregator like about.me. But that's going to take time, and for now it's mostly only nerds (like me) out doing that stuff.

So it doesn't help recruiters and sourcers, especially when they are looking for passive talent, who are really only online to get what they need, not to show you what you need!

Software like Swoop solves this by patented algorithms that find and match these profiles. How are you solving it?