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Social Recruiting Makes Major Gains in 2013

October 02, 2013

According to a recent survey, social recruiting is becoming a staple in human resource departments. A well-crafted social recruiting strategy enables companies to find and keep top talent. Of over 1,600 responders, 94% reported that they either currently use social recruiting or plan to use social recruiting to find qualified candidates. So apparent are the benefits, that overall, companies project a 73% increased investment in online recruiting efforts.

It's no wonder when considering the impressive payout of social sourcing. Survey participants saw:

  • a reduction in time it took to fill positions;
  • a significant improvement in the quality of the candidates recruited; and
  • an increase in the number of candidates recruited.

Furthermore, employees hired via referrals and social sourcing platforms were more likely to stay on the job. All of this is good news for corporate bottom lines everywhere. Open positions and high turnover rates interrupt productivity and deplete training budgets. With a full staff and reliable workers, businesses can get back to...business.

Experience has told those using social recruiting that variety is key. Understanding the subtle nuances of each social recruiting channel (LinkedIn, Github, Twitter, Dribbble) allows the company to tailor its message and its strategy. Aggregated profiles give employers a dynamic and comprehensive view of potential candidates--hard skills, experience, attitude--to find the best fit for the position and the company.Finally, social recruiting demonstrates the power of branding. It puts marketing and hiring in one place. A strong showing of your company's brand entices a stronger pool of applicants, particularly from a generation that has grown up with heavier reliance on and acumen for digital communication. Quality candidates want to be associated with quality organizations.

All signs point toward a worthwhile investment in social recruiting. Fill positions more quickly and with the best talent. Cast a wide net with aggregated social profiles to find the best fit. SwoopTalent can help. Contact us for more information.

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