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Recruiting Inspiration from Modern Family!

April 18, 2013

Classic recruiting moment in last week's Modern Family! Desperate to sell the house they've renovated, and struggling to find a buyer, Haley helps the team get all personal on their approach to the latest potential buyer:

Haley: Okay so after a quick scan of his facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest and instagram, this is what I know.

Luke: Privacy is dead?

In minutes, they know the buyer's dog's name, sports teams, hobbies....everything! And so they set up the house to absolutely suit him, even adding a "kickboxing gym". Yeah, they blow it in the end, but the point is well made - all the social data available on candidates means you can really personalize your pitch. I'm not recommending faking which sports team you follow, but I am recommending that you can get to know professional interests, passions and all sorts of important things that help you to explain to the candidate why the role you have will work for them, and why the company you have will be a good match. SO much better than a LinkedIn form inmail! Nothing like an hilarious, overstated example to inspire you - if you haven't watched it, you should! Oh, and if you want to see a list of other things you'll find on social media, Heather Huhman has it covered over at 8 Things To Look For In A Job Candidate’s Social Media Profiles

If you're watching the episode on ABC go, Haley starts her stuff at 11:25.