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Finding those HOT, HOT technology skills

February 20, 2012

If you are recruiting in technology right now, you know there are some really hot skills out there. Python, Ruby on Rails, Hadoop – you name it (well, if you can, sometimes you’re looking for skills you can’t even pronounce!). You search LinkedIn, your internal databases, a bunch of external websites, but it’s hard to know if you’re even finding the right people, let along the best people! Here’s where Swoop comes to the rescue.

Really great software engineers, product managers and other hot talent don’t show their greatness on LinkedIn. Great software engineers are sharing their knowledge in dedicated online communities like Stackoverflow, getting great customer ratings on Odesk, and above all being remembered as great developers by OTHER developers they’ve worked with. They usually have a bunch of online profiles, often with different titles and names, and they are sharing their expertise in all kinds of ways.

So if you are trying to find them, you need to look where they are, work out if multiple profiles are the same person, and find out who knows them. It’s hard work for the sourcers and recruiters looking for these hot skills. Imagine a candidate called Bob Downe – you don’t know it, but he’s your very best candidate. On LinkedIn he has just three rows of job history that he’s only bothered to put in place because his colleagues keep asking him to. On Facebook he’s quiet, but well connected. On Stackoverflow he’s pretty active and gets lots of good ratings for his comments, but unfortunately he calls himself DownRuby so you can’t tell that he’s the same person. And since there are nine Bob Downe’s on Google+, that’s not helping you either!

SwoopTalent brings all those sources of information together in one seamless search – and even helps the search. We take your job descriptions and key words, and make them better with semantic searching so you don’t miss the people you need to see. We’ll show you a single social graph of Bob, and automatically match, rank and stack him. Then, even better, we’ll help you connect to him. Easy!

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