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Finding Better Talent Online: Choose from a Bigger, Better Market

August 22, 2013

Too often, employers lean heavily on the major three social media sites--LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter--to identify a candidate bank. And let's face it, LinkedIn is the most heavily leaned on by a mile. If that's where you are staying, it's like picking your apples only from the closest farmer at the market, not necessarily from the best one!

Broaden the pool from which you search.
Expanding your reach gives you a keen advantage in finding better talent online. This works two ways - for some types of skills you want to go narrower, to niche, skill-specific sites so you can gather deep information on these types of skills. But you also want to go wider, to sites where all kinds of skills and knowledge are on show. And ideally, you want to do this without taking any more of your (valuable!) time.

This is why profile aggregators like ours sweep through niche sites like StackOverflow, GitHub, Dribbble, Academia.edu, Securityfocus - and through broad sites like Quora, Blogger and About.me, among many others. Although they may not be the first sites that come to mind when considering where to find your next team member, their value cannot be overstated. Think about all the data that is on these (and the other) sites - and then think about how nice it will be to search for talent across all of those sites in a single, aggregated way. THAT's a rich pool from which to fish.

Broaden your candidate perspective
In a previous post, we discussed winning the war for talent. Finding strong talent is only part of the mission: the mission is not complete until your candidate is a signed-up, onboarded, productive employee. And a good aggregated social profile can give you lots of hints as to whether you can successfully complete this mission! To this end, ask: What do you have to offer? Does this match what he or she wants--not just from a career, but from life?

It is wise to consider what a candidate's Pinterest, Twitter or Gravatar profile might tell you. What their personal blog tells you. And what other sites they are on - the list itself is valuable information, let alone the value in the content! As jobseekers, we have been warned of the dangers of broadcasting iffy choices via our social media profiles, lest potential employers troll for evidence. However, there is a far more appealing (and benign) use of social media profiles when searching for our next great team member. Simply put: Who is the candidate, not just as a professional, but as a person?Do repeated posts of beautiful meals indicate the candidate is a foodie? Emphasize your community's access to renowned gourmet restaurants. Does pin after pin detail a new way of working out? Highlight your company wellness program and fitness facilities. Do patterns of family-centered posts indicate a proud parent who puts family first? He or she might like to know of your company-wide family picnics and on-site day care.

While part of your mission is to find the candidate, the other part is to appeal to what is important to the candidate. That's how strong team members are recruited and retained. SwoopTalent has what you need to find the brightest talent. Contact us today!