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3 Ways Leading Recruiting Technology Providers Evolve Their Products and Tools to Help Organizations Cope with the Evolving Labour Market

May 16, 2016

Webinar hosted Friday May 20th at 11:00am EST.

Join a group of hand-selected leading recruiting technology providers (including: ADP, HRNX, Oracle, Reppify, Smashfly and SwoopTalent) to hear how they are evolving their products and tools to help organizations cope with the evolving labor market.

CEB research shows that recruiting functions are experiencing substantial challenges finding and hiring high quality talent at speed. Between 2011 and 2015 average time to fill rose 50%.

A set of key dynamics are altering the recruitment landscape:

  • Demand Outstrips Supply: In many segments – STEM, digital marketing, solution selling – competition for talent is becoming increasingly fierce as the skill needs of more and more industries converge.
  • Changing Prospect Behavior: The ubiquity of professional networks, social recruiting platforms and sourcing tools mean that prospective candidates are being bombarded by recruiter outreach – 19% (up from just 5% in 2011) report being contacted by 10 or more organizations in the last year.  The result: prospects are becoming more and more reticent to engage with recruiters, and some are even reducing their digital presence.
  • Low-Quality Applicants Create Burden: The ease of finding and applying to jobs leaves many recruiting functions burdened with a large volume of low-quality applicants.
  • Complex Recruiter Workloads: Recruiters have more large and increasingly complex workloads, and are having to work through more and more stakeholders and technology systems in order to get their work done.

We’ll learn from leading recruiting technology providers how they are evolving their products and tools to help you find and hire quality talent faster, and hear their recommendations for how to get the most out of your technology investments.

The Technology Providers joining us on this call are:

ADP—ADP is a global provider of HR technology and solutions.


HRNX—HRNX is a turn-key solution for integrating HR service providers with applicant tracking systems.

Oracle—Oracle provides cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems for HR executives.

Reppify—Reppify is a social referral platform to source applicant leads from your employees’ professional connections.

Smashfly—Smashfly is a software solution to help attract candidate leads and convert them into job applicants.

SwoopTalent—SwoopTalent is a talent data aggregator that helps HR professionals make data informed decisions.

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