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3 Tips to Finding Better Talent Online

January 18, 2014

There’s an old story about an orchestra that was looking to fill a position. They were forever selecting men and wanted to change this. Therefore, to ensure they were unbiased in their search, they decided to have applicants walk out on stage behind a curtain before performing. This way they wouldn’t see them.

In search after search, male candidates continued to rise to the top. The selection committee couldn’t understand why, until they realized that the sound of high heels on the wood stage gave the candidates identity away. After that, they had everyone walk out barefoot.

Without thinking, sometimes we get in our own way when choosing candidates. If you truly want to find better talent online, here are three tips to help you in your search.

Take Time to Do it Right

Just like the committee members in the story above, it’s important to think through your process fully. Take time to develop a search strategy. Select the best title, skills, technologies, and terms that will net you the most appropriate candidates for the position you want to fill. Review your initial results and then make adjustments.

You may not get it right the first time. You may have to modify your search. As long as you’re willing to adapt, you’ll eventually find the most relevant keywords and the best candidates.

Don’t be Dazzled by the Resume Alone

Just like people, not all resumes are created equal. Frankly, resume writing isn’t easy, and some people are just better at it than others are. However, being good at writing a resume isn’t the same as being good at doing the job.

What you should look for is the experience, education, and skill sets required to perform the job successfully. If these are there, you’re better off overlooking the design of the resume. It goes back to that old adage: don’t judge a book by the cover.

Focus Your Time on the Best Sources for YOUR Needs

Why spin your wheels by spending time on talent sources that offer the lowest return on your time investment. Instead, focus on the finding what really works and then stick to it. But note well that this can vary HUGELY by the type of talent you are trying to find. Designers on Dribbble, software engineers on Stackoverflow, allied health professionals on Zocdocs...and so the list goes on. And the length of this list is one of the main reasons you should consider working with a single AGGREGATED social talent database, instead of searching around across a bunch of them.

For instance, SwoopTalent is a one of the most powerful, scalable, and accurate social sourcing platforms out there. Moreover, it can link to your workforce, applicant tracking system, as well as the internet, to give you the broadest pool of active and passive candidates available.

If you’re truly all about finding better talent online, use all the tools at your fingertips. We can help. Contact us today.

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