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Whitepaper:  "Data Matters: Better Talent Insights Through Bigger, Richer Data Sets"

January 04, 2017

More and more organizations are focused on proactively building talent pools of good talent.  Great talent pools are made up of current candidates and applicants, former applicants, members of talent communities, and of course people who have had little or no contact with your organization at all.  The filter for building talent pools is not where the people are today, it's how they'd be if they ...

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3 Ways Leading Recruiting Technology Providers Evolve Their Products and Tools to Help Organizations Cope with the Evolving Labour Market

May 16, 2016

Webinar hosted Friday May 20th at 11:00am EST.

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IT Based Positions in Demand in 2016

February 23, 2016

The team over at GDH Consulting recently had us put our thinking caps and our data analysis skills on so that we could take a look at what IT skills are most in demand for 2016.  Have you even HEARD of Sqoop and Groovy?  And did you know that it's not just the newest technologies in big demand, even some "legacy" skills are really surging in price!  

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Winning the Candidate Lottery

February 18, 2016

Finding and hiring the right person for a job can feel a lot like playing the lottery – a one in a billion shot. And with all the technical, cultural and personal matches needed to ensure a great fit in an organization, the odds sure are against you. But you CAN bring the odds into your favor.

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Social Sourcing:  Just who ARE you looking at online?

February 23, 2014

Sourcers, recruiters and hiring managers are all looking at candidates online. Not in a creepy Facebook stalking kind of way, just checking out their professional skills, contacts and points of view. And this is a good thing - getting to know more about a potential hire's skills and interests gives you a great basis for contacting, engaging and understanding them, and for learning more about ...

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3 Tips to Finding Better Talent Online

January 18, 2014

There’s an old story about an orchestra that was looking to fill a position. They were forever selecting men and wanted to change this. Therefore, to ensure they were unbiased in their search, they decided to have applicants walk out on stage behind a curtain before performing. This way they wouldn’t see them.

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Employer Branding and the Hunt for Top Performers

October 31, 2013

There is something to those "best place to work" contests you see creeping into major cities and nationwide initiatives. When you're hunting for top performers, that kind of employer branding could really tick in your favor.

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Finding Talent Online, a Cost Effective Way to Hire

October 20, 2013

The state of the job market in recent years has caused HR professionals in some industries to be bombarded with massive numbers of resumes from job seekers. Some potential applicants, in a desperate attempt to find a job more quickly, have taken to submitting their resume everywhere they can find. This has added to the costly burden of recruiters being forced to sift through the hundreds of ...

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Vetting the Best Candidates With Social Sourcing

October 18, 2013

Social sourcing tools can give you a detailed picture of each candidate that goes far beyond the credentials he or she lists on a resume. Let’s face it, the resume and CV are designd to present an individual in the best possible light and have gone through numerous edits. These one-page documents don’t truly indicate how a candidate may conduct him- or herself on the job, how well he or she may ...

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A Look at LinkedIn Profile Dishonesty

October 08, 2013

LinkedIn is now an indispensable part of every recruiter’s tool belt. However, it suffers from the same affliction as all social media sites; it may end up telling you more about what the profile owner wants you believe than about who they really are. The stakes for both recruiter and job seekers are very high in the face of LinkedIn dishonesty, and it is another issue to take into account when ...

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