What is SwoopTalent?

SwoopTalent is the best source of talent there is.  Since 2011 we’ve been building the most powerful, most scaleable and most accurate talent data aggregation and social sourcing platform in the industry. With more than 160,000,000 talent profiles ready to integrate to your own data and processes, SwoopTalent lets you find the best talent anywhere.

Your very best candidate could be in your workforce, in your applicant tracking system or anywhere across the internet. SwoopTalent lets you search all of these places in one simple search. We’ll even automate the searching for you!

The best talent is out there. Let us help you Swoop it up.

Our Customers

We have customers ranging from individual sourcers through recruiting agents right to big employers like Intuit. Making our customers happy is our #1 priority, and because of that our existing customers are our #1 source of new customers! Now THAT is a metric we’re proud of. We’re looking forward to making YOU another happy Swooper! After all, the smartest recruiters SwoopTalent the best talent.


Our leadership team have been designing, managing, developing and supporting HR software since the 1990’s. From startups to the biggest enterprise applications, we know what HR and recruiting solutions REALLY need for the enterprise, and we’ve designed, architected and developed Swoop’s platform based on all that experience. Our founders:

CEO Stacy Chapman had a long successful stint in product strategy at PeopleSoft and founded workforce planning vendor Aruspex in 2003. She is a Senior Fellow in HCM at The Conference Board and has been named an “industry veteran” by analyst Bill Kutik.

CTO Satish Sallakonda was the chief architect for the Talent Management suite at Oracle. Prior to Oracle, Satish was instrumental in developing Teamscape, an early stage Learning Management platform which was acquired by PeopleSoft. That acquisition led to a bunch of promotions, and to his vast experience in real enterprise HR solutions.

Our Customer Success team have been sourcing and recruiting for many, many years - we only hire people who understand exactly what challenges our customers face every day. Give us a call, we're looking forward to helping you solve those challenges.