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Talent Data Solutions for the Enterprise

Swoop is helping leading companies like these find talent, mine their ATS, and maximize the value of their recruiting data:

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Source talent from our awesome database

Swoop has scoured the internet to find traces of talent you never thought you'd find. Source the best from our database of more than 160,000,000 candidates. From $349 for unlimited searching and sourcing.


Bring ALL of your data together

You have valuable talent data in many places - ATS, CRM, resume directories, spreadsheets, paper resumes, social media - and more!  Bring every piece of recruiting data together into our backbone so that you can see complete records on any candidate, anywhere.


Convert paper resumes in an instant

If you're going to hiring fairs, we make it easy to get rid of the paper - Swoop lets you use your cellphone to instantly create searchable, comprehensive records of every resume you meet.  Candidates and recruiters will love the experience


Mine your ATS

It takes you a lot of time and effort to get candidates to apply to your jobs - so why are you losing their details in your ATS?  Swoop mines your ATS, revives the records with social media and internet data, and applies our awesome search tools so you'll never lose a valued candidate again!