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Let Data Drive Your Talent Decisions

SwoopTalent uses AI powered algorithms to automatically connect and verify talent data from internal and external sources leaving you with a single access point to retrieve accurate, connected, constantly updated talent data.  Now you can use data to power every talent decision you make - macro or micro.

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Data Insights for Strategic Talent Decisions

Data Silo Issues, Solved

Centralized data enables your teams to learn quickly and act fast when it comes to analyzing data, gaining insights, and responding to competitive dynamics. No more lost data and no more bouncing between systems. All your talent data is in one place.

Data Driven Talent Insights

Gain valuable insights into your industry’s workforce or for the entire labor market; accurate analysis of your talent data enables better talent matching and turnover predictions. Build data visualizations based on richer, cleaner datasets to communicate market trends and labor dynamics so that you and your team can make better, data-powered talent decisions.

Efficient Management of Talent Data Systems

SwoopTalent technology serves up automatically generated, clean connected talent data stored in your private data cloud and retrieved through a single access point. We have simplified talent data management with connected data and seamless integration of your existing systems — delivering efficient, agile talent data that is available to your entire enterprise.

Your Data, Your Way

SwoopTalent applies its algorithms to the aggregated data sources stored in your private talent data cloud and optimizes the quality of the data. The SwoopTalent tool adapts itself to fit your talent needs and requirements giving you the flexibility to display, search and analyze constantly-refreshed talent data, any way you want.

Make Data-Powered Talent Decisions

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